Priyanka and her furious moves

Red hair fame, hottie Priyanka who set a mark recently in the gadget film Love Story 2050 is all set to rock the Bollywood with the most awaited film of the season Fashion, directed by Madhur Bhandarker.

Actress is no more in a mood to loose any chance of promoting her film and even if my baby doll go for buying any handkerchief she makes sure that all the pheriwalla’s should know that she’s a lead in Fashion. Actress talks about her film with the basis of that she was a super model just at the age of 17 ohhhllaallaaa..

This professional model with her futuristic and furious look was able to grab the Ms. World crown and her smile just make the people go..hmmmmm. She traveled the most famed ramps in the world at Paris while shooting for her film Fashion. Well Priyanka baby we hope that you and your moves take you a quite ahead with the number one fashion queen of Bollywood.


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