No Kissing for Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra is now almost everywhere with her new hot and crispy looks after the last released film of her Love Story 2050 with her hidden scarf boyfriend Harman Baweja. In an interview Harman says that their is a kiss scene in the film that is in which Harman has to kiss Priyanka but Priyanka refused for any kiss on-screen. Well Priynaka baby what happen after all Harman is your love?

Kiss scene was deleted because Priyanka was uncomfortable for it and her sense of dignity doesn’t allow that. Ohhh puuchy but we cant say that its rule after all she had done a lip-lock scene with Akshay Kumar in her debut film at Bollywood Andaz.

A scene where kiss was desperately needed in the Love Story 2050 was when Priyanka’s character dies in Harman’s character’s arms where this kiss would be a good-bye kiss for Priyanka’s character. But the boyfriend Harman respect her lovely girlfriend’s decision as otherwise all other director and producer will run at her for the crunchy scripts which will be full of kiss, nudity and hmmmm.

What a understanding hidden couple with full understanding what if their love story flopped. Hmm their love story 2050 film, what you are thinking. All the best Harman may you get that in private as the girl is shy.


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