Kashmira On Rakhi

Kashmira got very upset with the item girl Rakhi Sawant on some very silly cat fights. My maid always keep on nicking on the small issues like who these girls are but going for cat fights like kids is hmmmm..

Kashmira was to shoot a song for the Star One show ‘Annu Ki Ho Gayee Waah Bhai Waah’ at Natraj Studio along with her dance troop but Ms. Rakhi was like a hurdle and an invitation of problem for them. As Rakhi was also rehearsal for a reality show but what a F..

As per Kashmira:-“ There are two rehearsal halls, one on top and one below. The one on top is the premium one and I was supposed to use that one. My troupe and I got ready to dance and she said that we could not use the hall because she was still rehearsing, when she clearly had finished. She did not even let me use the hall below” 

But now mam Kashmira is already to go violent against her for every deeds Rakhi will do now. After all Kashmira is not Rakhi’s puppet. Com’n girls fight..i love Cat fights.


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