Kailash Kher in someone’s Love

Tune kya kar dala mar gaya mein loot gaya mein….tera deewana tera deewana…
Kailash rhymes this tune now all the time as he finally got his yet to become better half. The girl names ‘Sheetal’ a mass comm. Graduate and the marriage seems to be arranged as it was all family decision where Kailash has to surrender himself in someone’s hand. But it was all a formal but a short family gathering and their engagement got happened in the house itself as there was no big function for this ceremony.

Usually stars use to celebrate their family occasions and ceremonies but our Delhi based singer wants to privacy for his better half to feel comfortable at. Well, Kailash as you are also soon to tie a knot we hope your career will get a great boost after your luck enter your life.

As both of them is found busy shopping for their wedding which is planned at very soon because our singer don’t want to wait for long. Hmm!! Congratulations Kailash …


3 Responses to “Kailash Kher in someone’s Love”  

  1. 1 lord

    will be a disaster for a guy to marry a girl full of smoke and liquor

  2. 2 momma

    your english man…

    it kills

  3. 3 kishor

    hi how are you,…………………………

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