John Abbraham angel now

John Abraham is yet to expect a big fan following and his desire has got a destination now as his latest role for the season is of a winged angel not for any film but for an advertisement especially designed for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. And the slogan for their advertisement promotion is ‘Be an angel for birds. Don’t cage them’. How lovely and practical.

John has always been associated with social causes such as PETA. And for their latest promotion the most renowned band of Pakistan band Strings will also be a star promoter of this music video. The song is Koi Aanewala Hai where John has been portrayed as a winged angel.

PETA is bound to take John and Strings as they have a huge fan following and the ad is expected to receive a good positive response. Even if the song doesn’t deems to be appealing for people John being an angel would definitely be spice to attract people or crowd.

Hoping this image of John Abraham will be something new for his fans and doing something unusual with a social motive has always been John’s interests form quite a long.


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