Hrithik: Take back 30crore cheque!!

The honesty is the best policy and the superstar Hrithik very well know the meaning of it. There is a buzz about the actor that he had a multi-core deal with the India’s biggest production house Adlabs last year for three films. Now the actor is returning their money with saying no but the company is not willing to take it back. Strange Na!!

Hritihk has given a cheque back but the company is not accepting it even the deal of three films has been transformed to one film with the same amount of 30crore. That too, when the actor offers them the dates. Is it true?? Trust me.

Though there is no formal statement from Hrithik but we know where the way goes. As per the films experts this industry has reached a new level with investment of about about 150 crore and the amount will get a big nitro leap in the coming 1-2 years. Thus the production house doesn’t wants to loose control over the sparkling superstars.


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