Hit songs of Zulmi

Akshay Kumar and his better half Twinkle Khanna starrer bollywood movie “Zulmi” was released under the production of Satyendra Pal on April 16, 1999. The movie is directed by Kuku Kohli. Other cast of the movie includes Aruna Irani, Dara Singh Randhawa, Milind Gunaji, Dalip Tahil, Amrish Puri, Satyendra Pal and Deep Dhillon in significant roles. The music of the movie is composed and directed by Dilip Sen and Sameer Sen. The songs are sung by Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar and Udit Narayan.

The songs of bollywood movie Zulmi are listed below:

1. Teri Badmashiyaan Aur Meri Kamzoriyaan, Ek Din Pakdi Jayengi Apni Yeh Chooriyaan
2. Zulmi Tune Zulm Kiya
3. Bhool Se Humne Bhool Ki Hai Jo, Zindgi Bhar Nahi Bhool Payeenge

The story of the movie Zulmi revolves around the revenge mission of a young man, whose sister was raped by a gangster. In search of the rapist he joined the underworld and became a part of it. The movie starts focusing on Raj ( Akshay Kumar ), a dedicated and young man who is in search of the man who had raped his sister. In the quest he went through searching every place where he could find him. One day he met a underworld supreme Balraaj Dutt ( Amrish puri ), although being the king of the illegal world he still is very kind and generous at heart.

After hearing Raj’s story he hired him as the bodyguard of his daughter Komal ( Twinkle Khanna ), she is a very arrogant girl by nature. Initially she didn’t cared about Raj and treated him as a servant but soon her approach towards Raj drastically changed when he protected her from Balraj’s enemy. Komal fell for him and love blossomed between the two, soon they were slated to marry each other. The movie takes a sudden turn when Raj attacked Nihal ( Milind Gunaji ), who is the son of Balraaj’s Guru and after his death Balraaj looks after him. When he inquired why Raj was after his life, Raj revealed the ugly truth of him being the rapist of his sister. Balraaj threw raj out his life and stood by the side of Nihaal. Will Raj ever be able to take his revenge?


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