Hit songs of Umar

Jimmy Shergill and Shenaz Treasurywala starrer bollywood movie “Umar” was released under thebanner of Sujata Films on March 17, 2006. The movie is directed by Karan Razdan. Other cast of the movie includes Kader Khan, Prem Chopra, Satish Kaushik, Dilip Tahil and Shakti Kapoor who are seen among the prominent characters of the movie. The beautiful music of the movie is composed and directed by Shamir Tandon. The songs of the movie are sung by Jagjit Singh, Babul Supriyo, Hariharan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Manna Dey, Sonu Nigam, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Shabaab Sabri.

The songs of the bollywood movie Umar are listed below:

1. Duniya Walon Ki Nahi Kutch Bhi Khabar, Kahe Pyar Karne Ki Hai Yeh Koi Umar
2. Bechain Saansein Kyun Hai Kutch Toh Kaho Na, Machalti Yeh Dhadkan..
3. Piya..Piya.. Kaahe Nahi Aave Mora Piya
4. Yeh Achha Kiya Ke Tum Aa Gaye, Hamein Tum Bahut Hi Yaad Aa Rahe The

The movie Umar seems to be inspired by the day to day life incidents and talks about the life of ald age people who are ill treated by there children. The movie shares little resemblance with other movies in this genre but there’s something extra in the story, a murder mystery is also combined to the story and which runs in parallel. While the emotional part of the movie that is associated with the problems and humiliation faced by the old age people, grips the attention of the viewers the other plot of the murder mystery is a complete havoc in the story line. The movie therefore is not beeng able to be a complete emotional one or a complete murder mystery. The movie starts with three old men Iqbal ( Kader Khan ), Rajpal ( Satish Kaushik ) and Chanderkant ( Prem Chopra )who stay with there children in London.

The thing that is common between the three is that they are not treated well by their children, they are continuously harassed and humiliated by their kids. Shashank ( Jimmy Shergill ) a young man who respects his elders, enters into their lives and treated them with respect and brought back their happiness and lost affectation. He soon falls in love with a beautiful rich girl Sapna ( Shenaz Treasurywala ), but her father didn’t approved of there relationship. With a dramatic turn around Shashank was falsely accused of murdering his boss and was sentenced to prison. Before he was put behind the bars, the three old men made a plan to rescue him and in the process he received a bullet shot. The three gentlemen helped him in finding the real murderer behind all this. The director is being able to present the emotional part well but the murder mystery is not easily digestible. Hence the movie falters at the box office.


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