Hit songs of Naach

Abhishek Bachchan and Antra Mali starrer “Naach” is directed by Kiran Reddy and Ramgopal Varma. It is produced under the banner of Sahara One Factory K Sera Sera by Ramgopal Varma. Cast in the movie includes Ritesh Deshmukh, Rajesh Khera, Manoj Pahwa, Rajesh Tandon, Priya Badlani in significant roles. The melodious music is given by Amar Mohile. The somgs of the movie are sung by Shweta Pandit, Sukhwinder Singh, Gayatri Ganjawala, Adnan Sami, Sonu Kakkar, Kunal Ganjawala, Sumeet Kumar, Makrand Deshpande.

Songs of the Bollywood movie Naach are listed below:

1. Berang Zindagi Hai, Yaar Chahiye, Dheemi Si
2. Bandhne Lagi, Yoon Kisi Se Saath Zindgi, Nahi Nahi Nahi Nahi
3. Aawara Man Mein Hai Manki Udan Main Hai Naach Sare Jiwan Main
4. Nach Nach Ke Duniya Hila De Sadion Se Thama Thama Sa Lagta Hai
5. Ishq Da Tadka Ho, Laage To Zindgi Tadak Tadak Ho Jaye
6. Samne Aye Jo Koi Nahi Mere Jaisa, Ho Garmi Hai Meri Ye Jahan Sara Sara Sara
7. Rakth Ka Hai Ye Gubbara, Din Raat Firta Mara Mara, Dilwalon Ne Kaha Hai

Naach is basically about two struggling actors. Who initially were friends but as get the hold of life get aloof due to separate fields and status. They forget each other because of their self made principles. The story starts with two persons. Rewa ( Antra Mali ) and Abhi ( Abhishek Bachchan ). Rewa wants to be a choreographer and Abhi wants to an actor, both struggling. But soon Abhi get a role in a movie but Rewa was not entertained because the actress wanted to have a choreographer of her own choice. It turns out to be a jackpot for Abhi but Rewa remain struggling.

Well in due course of time Rewa also get a chance but for acting in music company videos. Diwakar ( Ritesh Deshmukh ) offers her a role as main model in her music video. Well after that there was no turning back and Rewa become famous. After some time Diwakar tells Rewa to do a musical film but with none the less Abi. They meet in a restaurant but both were uncomfortable with each other. So finally Abhi tells her that he still love her. And story moves on. Well we can see that Abhishek Bachchan still needs to do a lot to get his father’s repute. Antra mali did a fine job. It was an ok type story with quite good music. But screenplay is doubtful.


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