Hit songs of Mehfil

Ashok Kumar and Sadna starrer bollywood movie “Mehfil” was released under the production of Krishna Kumar in the year of 1981 while the movie is directed by Amar Kumar. The genre of the movie falls into the category of romantic movies. The supporting cast of the movie that played important roles in characterization of various characters includes Anil Dhawan, Sadhna, Ashok Kumar, Nazir Hasain, Roopesh Kumar and Dhumal. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Shankar and Jaikishen while the songs are sung in the beautiful voices of Asha Bhonsle, Premlata, S Balbir and Lata Mangeshkar.

The songs of bollywood movie Mehfil are listed below:

1. Bhajan Bina Baawre Tune Hira Janam Ganwaaya, Bhajan Bina Baawre
2. Unse Pada Hai Kaam Jo Mujhe Jaante To Hain, Unse Pada Hai Kaam Jo Mujhe Jaante To Hain
3. Idhar Aao Pyaare Kahin Chal Ke Baithen, Idhar Aao Pyaare Kahin Chal Ke Baithen
4. Karle Chaar Nazar
5. Pyaara Pyaara Mukhda

The movie Mehfil comes up as a romantic story but at the same time it also tells the importance of women in the society and also touches the topics of prostitution and other illegal ways of exploitation of women in the society. The movie focuses on the life of a middle-aged man called Raghunath, who is a business man by profession and lived a wealthy lifestyle. He was a widower and lived with his only daughter Shalini in a big bungalow. He was also a very respected figure in the society. One day while addressing a public gathering about being a woman, he was shot by a lady. He escaped death with minor injury.

In the mean while his daughter Shalini had found the love of her life in the form of Amar kumar Saxena, an advocate by profession. One day Shalini managed the courage and introduced Amar to her father. When Raghunath learnt that Amar is the son of his good friend Dindayal he was very happy. He immediately decided to marry them but before that he wanted that Shalini should become strong and one day should be able to handle his business. Hence he directed Amar to train her. One day Shalini came across a girl Ratnabai who looks like her. She was surprised to meet her, on further investigation she learnt that she was the illegitimate daughter of her father from a courtesan. What happens next?


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