Hit songs of Khwahish

Mallika Sherawat and Humanshu Mallik starrer romantic movie “Khwahish” was released under the banner of Perry Pictures on june 6, 2003. The movie is directed by Vivek Nayak. The supporting cast of the movie in important roles includes Shivaji Satam, Shahbaaz Khan and Mahamud Babai. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Milind Chitragupt and Sagar. The songs of the movie are sung in the beautiful voices of Asha Bhosle, K K and Udit Narayan.

The songs of bollywood movie Khwahish are listed below:

1. Baila Baila Nacho Re Baila Baila Nacho Re, Zindagi Mein Khoya Kya Zindagi Mein Paya Kya
2. Gungunati Hai Dil Ki Dhadkan To Gungunati Kyon Hai
3. Hum Dono Hai Khoye, Na Jage Hai Na Soye
4. Jaaneman Tujhko Jo Paya, Pyaar Mein Jeena Sikhaya Jeena Sikhaya
5. Rang Raliyan Karat Sautan Ke Sang, Na Li Ni Hamari Neck Khabar
6. Main Chaahoon Sapno Mein Bas Saath Tumhara Ho

The story of the movie Khwahish is a bit different from the regular bollywood romantic movies. The movie is also known for its hot kissing scenes between the leading actors. The movie starts with an unusual argument that was happening in a shopping mall between Himanshu Mallik and Mallika Sherawat over a kurta payzama. Himanshu Mallik is a son of a rich businessman, but he hates his father to a very high extent on the other hand Mallika is a daughter of a poultry farm owner who lives in a village. After the argument settled down they moved on. They again met in their college and their meetings starting becoming frequent.

Within no time they realized that both are in love with each other. There love story was going on smoothly until the end of their college time, now is when Himanshu decided that in order to stay together they had to marry and hence he proposed her. She agreed and her father also agreed for the marriage but Himanshu’s father was against the marriage. He threw him out of his house and property for marrying Malika. Both started living in a rented accommodation and he started studying while Malika worked as a music teacher to earn money for the household. After the completion of his MBA he got a job. As the life was going on smoothly their dreams were shattered when they came to know that Malika


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