Hit songs of Jwar Bhata

Dharmendra and Saira Banu starrer bollywood movie “Jwar Bhata” was released under the production of famous producer Hargobino on November 2, 1973 while the movie was narrated by A Subba Rao. The genre of the movie falls into the category of family drama movies. The supporting cast that played important roles in the characterization of various characters in the movie includes Nasir Husain, Sujit Kumar, Sundar, Jeevan, Rajendra Nath and Shammi. The melodious music of the movie was composed and directed by magician duo of Laxmikant-Pyarelal while the songs were sung by the likes of Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonlse and others.

The songs of bollywood movie Jwar Bhata are listed below:

1. Prabhu Charanon Mein Dip Jalaao, Man Mandir Ujiyaala Ho, Karein Kripa Jo Krishnachandra To
2. Hoton Pe Tera Naam Likha Hai, Mann Mein Tere Pyaas
3. Rootha Hai To Yaar Manana Padega, Rootha Hai
4. Peene Ki Der Nahi Huye Hai

The movie Jwar Bhata comes up as a drama packed family movie that revolves around a typical bollywood plot. The movie focuses around the life of a rich businessman called Durga Das Prasad ( Nasser Hussain ). He lived a luxurious life with his young son who was getting of marriageable age. He accidentlly falls in love with a poor girl and wanted to marry her but this wasn’t approved by his father. He was left with no other option but leaves his father’s house and marries his lover. Soon they had a kid but tragedy struck them when he passed away leaving behind his wife and son.

Now Durga Das also realized his mistake and wanted to bring back his daughter in law and grandson back home but every effort to search them went in vain. Time passed by and he became old. He hired a personal secretary in the form of young girl called Gayatri ( Saira Banu ). One day Gayatri came across a young dashing man called Billu ( Dharmendra ), he was the owner of a small Dhaba. She gets attracted towards him and soon they became very close friends. One day she brought him to see Durga Das who discovered that he is his long lost grandson. But twist comes in the movie when Durgadass passed away leaving behind all his property with Billu. Now a crooked employee decided to make benefit of Billu’s innocence.


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