Hit songs of Bullet

Iqbal Khan and Sadika starrer action movie “Bullet - Ek Dhamaka” was released on February 4, 2005. The movie is directed by Irfan Khan under the banner of Diana S. other cast of the movie includes Asseem Merchant, Asad Sikandar, Rosy, Saasha, Natalie Kurgova and Benjamin Gilani who have played important roles in the movie. The melodious music of the movie is composed by Somesh Mathur. The songs of the movie are sung by Somesh Mathur, Neha Bhasin, Anand Raj Anand, Daler Mehndi, and Gauri Bapat.

The songs of Bollywood movie Bullet are listed below:

1. Ai Chori-Chori Chupake-Chupake, Tere Mere Bin Is Kamare Mein Aur Kaun Hai
2. Jab Tum Chale Jaaoge To Yaad Bahut Aaoge, Tum Chale Jaaoge Yaad Bahut
3. Pine Ke Baad Aati Hain Yaad, Bhuuli Huyi Baatein Kayi

Irfan Khan’s directorial Bullet is a story of a special investigating officer who fights all the terrorists alone. The story of the movie seems to be inspired from James Bond movies. The only difference between the two is neither bullet has got that sort of budget nor it has the actors and technique of that caliber. The movie revolves around a dreaded terrorist Don Raja ( Aseem Merchant ), who rules the underworld and operates from Bulgaria. He has planned to spread terror on the eve of India’s Republic Day. An intelligence officer Arjun ( Iqbal Khan ) has been on the pursuit of Don Raja.

His sole aim is to arrest Don Raja and bring him back to India. He was very close to get a breakthrough, but he was denied the opportunity to fly to Bulgaria and arrest Raja. Hence he resigned from the job. Another agent Bobbby ( Sasha ) was sent to Bulgaria in place of Arjun to investigate the case. Arjun by his own went to Bulgaria to fight Don Raja where he met Don’s secretary Meera ( Saadika ), who helped him in his mission. A terrorist Asad ( Asad Sikander ) was entrusted for the job by Don, but he was well handled by Bobby. Overall the movie Bullet is just another small budget movie that has nothing to impress the crowd. It is a big failure at the box office.


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