Hit songs of Adhikar

Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim starrer bollywood movie “Adhikar” was released under the productionof Jawaharlal Bafna in the year of 1986 while the movie is directed by Vijay Sadanath. The genre of the movie is romantic drama. Other cast of the movie includes Bindu, Tanuja, Lucky, Raza Murad, Danny Denzongpa, Zarina Wahab, Vikas Anand, Paintal, Yunus Parvez and Sulochna. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Bappi Lahiri while the songs of the movie are sung in the beautiful voices of Kishore Kumar and other playback singers.

The songs of bollywood movie Adhikar are listed below;

1. Aisi Cheez Sunaayen Ki Mahafil De Taali Pe Taali, Varna Apana Naam Nahi Banne Khaan Bhopaali
2. Koi Maane Yaa Na Maane, Jo Kal Tak The Anjaane, Vo Aaj Hamein Jaan Se Bhi Pyaare Ho Gaye
3. Main Dil Tu Dhadkan

The movie adhikar comes up with a story that runs on the plot of romantic bollywood drama. The movie starts focusing on the life of Vishal ( Rajesh Khanna ), who works as a race horse jockey and works for a family. One day he came across a beautiful girl called Jyoti ( Tina Munim ), who actually happens to be the owner of the race horse that Vishal used to race on. Both were attracted towards each other and sit was just the matter of time when love blossomed between the two. They decided to marry each other but the families won’t accept this relation, but despite the opposition they went with their heart and tied the knot together.

They were very happy to get together after the marriage and life was going on very smoothly. But this happiness didn’t lasted forever, both started quarrelling over small issues and their married life became disturbed. Jyoti gave birth to a baby son Lucky ( Master Lucky ), as supposed that this would stabilize their relation didn’t happened and the rift between the husband and wife grew deeper and deeper. The time came when they parted their ways, Vishal wanted to get back to his work as a jockey but his deteriorating health prevented him from riding a horse. Time passed by and Vishal won the custody of Lucky and they live together.


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