Cricketers are like next to prostitutes

Cricketers – prostitutes! Hmm this really makes me chew my nails. Well this is what the dialogue and the bottom line of upcoming film of Mahesh Bhatt- ‘Jannat’, though he music is rocking on the charts but the yet to release film is under controversies with its dialogue and to which the itch man of bollywood Mr. Mahesh Bhatt ha something peculiar to comment on.

The film is about the explicit of bookie and buying and selling of cricketer’s motive and moral, in other words satta. The role of bookie is played by Emra Hashmi who’ll say this line ‘Cricketers are like prostitutes.’

Mahesh Bhatt says to this objection made by Censor Board that :-“ Dekhiye Sir. Cricketers aur prostitutes ke beech zyada farq nahin hota. Donon ki jawani khatm to kahani khatm. And even I am also like a prostitute as they deliver what they say.”
Hmm! Mahesh Honey are we all prostitutes, I am glad that my mom haven’t heard this otherwise ma…mamamma/.

But like always Mahesh Saab is coming with another film with new controversies. Lets wait the masala of Bollywood to come onscreen.


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