Big B will produce a Marathi film

The God of Bollywood Mr. Amitabh Bahchcan is striking the Marathi cinema and is ready to produce one Marathi film under his company banner AB Corp. Since, all that fuss happened between him and MNS president Raj Thackeray, this may be striker by Big B to stable his image among his Marathi films.

The film is till untitled and is speculated to be directed by Umesh Kulkarni director of the film Valu under Subhash Ghai banner ‘Mukta Arts.’ It was Subhash Ghai who praised his work and later on the name got recommended to Mr. Amitabh Bahchan. Since, the commander in chief of AB Corp, Jaya Bachchan also liked Kulkarni’s work and the man got the work.

Kulkarni didn’t unwrap the film script but he mentions that the film is about protagonist who’s just 12 year old kid and all the shadow of the film is in spiritual way. Though, it is not a children movie rather a serious problematic drama. The film is yet to jump at the box-office around August-September. The shooting will take place on the land of Pune. Therefore, we would be able to see the Big B’s trailer of Marathi Films.


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