Big B on Shatrughan’s Taunts

Amitabh Bhachchan has found a new way to give reply to his enemies. That what the Shehensha did in his blog on BigAdda by pointing on Shatrughan Sinha. When Shatrughan commented regarding the IIFA nominations that is fully handled on the Big B’s family.
Shatrughan made some very strong contention points directly on the Bachchan by saying-“’ Sab kissika beta hai, ya kissiki bahu, ya kissiki biwi ‘, and the media adding there interpretation to it, stating that this was directed to a particular family of ‘guru‘ fame.”

I believe what is being insinuated is that there is partiality or some ‘fixing’ in the choice of the nominations carried by IIFA. And as the report concluded, the indication was towards one family, not difficult to guess which one.

Thus Big B got frightened and openly the battle between the both is on the high after all the matter is just who has what powers to exile each others dignity and public image.

Simply time will tell where the weight goes as both of them using their bones to the best of their capacity. Being friends for more than two decades now their rivalry will be a new flavor to enjoy.


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