Big B’s Big deal with Anil Dhirubahi Ambani’s Relaince

Ambani’s Big entertainment has tied up with Big B to rpoduce movies for the budget aroung 1000crores. Thus both of Anil Ambani and Mr. Amitabh Bachchan had come forward to set up a new production company.
In a press conference with NDTV, big B said yes they have formed a new joint venture to be partners for international format standards for sharing profits and assessing rights of perpetuity. This will not be with AB Corp rather it is a new company where both of these will be partners. Though, the assistance will be provided by creative heads of AB Corp. ltd.

Assumption is there that directors like Sujoy Ghosh who’s casting Amitabh in the films like Alladin and The Mystery of the Lamp and Rohan Sippy who made films like Bluffmaster and R Balakrishnan will be working with this Big Entertainment network as their official directors.
Though Shailendra Singh, CEO of Percept Pictures was earlier to be associated with this joint venture but with some reasons the deal doesn’t came out. Therefore it is expected that their corporate success will again prove Amitabh Bahchan as a big time Badshah of Bollywood.


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