Bhago Bhoot Aaya songs

Ashok Kumar and kajal Kiran starrer bollywood movie “Bhago Bhoot Aaya” was released under the production of J N Farishta in the year of 1985 while the movie is directed by Krishna Naidu. The movie falls into the category of action, horror and romantic thrillers. The supporting cast of the movie that played important role in characterization of various characters includes Deven Verma, Aruna Irani, Prema Narayan, Murad, Shashikala and Rajesh Behl. The melodious music of the movie is composed and directed by Bappi Lahiri while the songs are sung in the beautiful voices of Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.

The songs of bollywood movie Bhago Bhoot Aaya are listed below:

1. Baandh Ke Isko Le Jaaoongi Main, Saath Apne Isko Le Jaaoongi Main
2. Jab Sara Jahaan So Jaata Hai, Jab Sara Jahaan So Jaata Hai,
3. Raat Akeli Saaye Do Hain, Raat Ka Hai Saman

The movie Bhago Bhoot Aaya comes up with a horror story true to its title that is filled with action and thrilling sequences which brings a chill through the spine of the viewers. The story of the movie focuses on the life of called Manorama ( Aruna Irani ), who lives in a big palatial house in a secluded area and lives a wealthy lifestyle. She lives alone as her husband is dead and she has no one else in her family. One day her nice ( Kajal Kiran ) came to her house to visit her. Manorma liked her very much and hence she decided to make her as the only heir of her property.

Her nice graciously accepted her offer and started living with her, but soon the silence and calmness of the house was disturbed with the arrival of some unknown personalities. A old man called Jagjit ( Ashok Kumar ) and a buttler started appearing and they were somewhat vague about their identities. Other people including a beautiful cute girl Munni ( Prema Narayan ) and a boy Munna ( Deven Verma ) also came to the scenario adding further to the confusion. The things started taking horror shape and soon they were frightened to see tall and disfigured man in their house. Manorma also started behaving strangely and she also changed her will.


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