Akshay Kumar now Doctorate

The heartthrob superstar of Bollywood Akshay kumar has been honoured with a Doctorate of Law by University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada for his magnificent work on screen and the man is doing great job at social services. As the actor is the Indian ambassador for the Special Olympics and has worked enormously is raising funds for Trillium Health Care Centre in Mississauga and for the Vancouver Children’s Hospital.

He said: “I don’t think even an Oscar would mean as much as this means to me. Indians believe that our success lies at the feet of our parents. It’s not I who should be receiving this award, but my parents will be more excited than me.”
Paul J Rennick, the President of the University, said: “We take particular pride and pleasure in honouring men and women of achievement and altruism, whose lives manifest the values of integrity, discipline and learning that are at the heart of the University.”

Good job Akshay now not only in Bollywood but also at per your personal persona this really enhances your seriousness and in-depth dedication towards your work.


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