Aishwarya-viviek Face to Face

IIFA and Bachchan family are not two different world or words as everyone know what the spice of this dish. But now the Bachchan’s bahu.. have to pay attention and to take care of the hospitality legacy run by his father-in-law.

But my dear Aish darling we have come to know Viviek is also performing this time on IIFA and you have to be in the audiences, so, what’ll you have for him a clap, cheer, expressionless or…………what should I say.

IIFA will tell what will the love flames would say when they met and go one-on-one together. I hope Abhishek wouldn’t mind after all affairs are the tastes of this Bollywood industry. Thus, it’ll defiantly be spice to watch at the coming IIFA event at Bangkok


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